How To Soothe A Fussy Baby!

How To Soothe A Fussy Baby!

How To Soothe A Fussy Baby!

Soft & Precious Baby Products understands the intricacies of creating the best baby products. We enjoy being able to share the most helpful baby tips with you.

This time we are focusing on a tougher topic, “fussy babies.” A fussy baby can be one of the most challenging and tough obstacles.

We have four excellent steps to help you soothe your fussy baby, to make you both happy and to get the most of your beautiful day:

Step One: Compose Yourself & Relax
Your baby is already fussing, so you don’t want to shed any extra frustration on your baby. Take a deep breath and remember, your going to help your precious baby be happy and stop fussing. Make yourself a cup of tea or do whatever helps soothe and relax you.
If you still feel stressed, try to slow your breathing and speak in a light tone of voice that will calm both you and your baby. Once you’ve composed yourself, it’s time to de-fuss your precious baby.

Step Two: Try Swaddling Blankets
Have you noticed how popular swaddling blankets are in hospitals? If you haven’t, it’s because swaddling blankets imitate the warmth, closeness and security of a mother’s womb while preventing startle refluxes that wakes up babies.
Swaddling blankets are relatively inexpensive and they are a wide selection online. Make your baby feel extra happy and loved in a swaddling blanket and say bye-bye to the fuss!

Step Three: “Rockabye baby!”
Choose your favorite way of rocking or swaying your baby to calm their nerves and help them go to sleep. You can also walk around to stretch your legs with your baby nestled in your arms. These relaxing, rocking and swaying motions are comforting to your baby and remind them of being in your womb.
If these motions don’t help, try a bouncy walk that can put your baby in a melodic rhythm that will help them rest Gently and securely using exercise balls, are another great way to help you bounce your baby and relax your legs!

Step Four: Darken Your Baby’s Room
It’s a simple step that we don’t realize can make a significant difference. Darken your baby’s room to improve their sleep with blackout curtains. If your baby likes a little light, try using a dimming light to help them calmly fall to sleep.
Remember, bright rooms stimulate your baby’s senses and can be very distracting – resulting in a fussy baby!

Now that you’re ready to de-fuss your baby with four awesome steps, it’s time to enjoy our wide selection of phenomenal Soft & Precious Baby Products online.

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Written by Alexandra Gamache



Super Baby Care Tips!

Super Baby Care Tips© jbrown

Super Baby Care Tips!

Soft & Precious Baby Products always provides the best baby tips to help you enjoy every precious moment with your baby.

We have some super baby care tips passed down from generations of amazing mothers and are excited to share them with you!

Sterilizing Quick Approach!
If you don’t have the extra time to sterilize your baby’s things (bottles, pacifiers, etc.) and your not ready to purchase a home sterilizer, consider this: empty out your dishwasher, make sure it’s clean and run it on a short and hot cycle without any soap. Tada! Your new best friend for sterilizing is your dishwasher!

Holding Your Baby Is Natural & Good
You cannot spoil your baby by holding her! Hold your baby as much as you’d like because it’s not going to spoil her or him and is one of their favorite bonding and comforting moments. It’s natural to hold your baby as often as either of you would like.

Is Your Baby An Early Riser?
Your baby might not yet understand the concept and benefits of sleeping-in and rise very early in the morning. If this is the case, try these techniques to see if it’s due to the lighting or environment: install blackout shades to improve sleep and don’t forget to close them at bedtime! Also make sure that your baby has a quiet, peaceful and safe environment. Put your baby to bed after using Soft and Precious Baby Products for the best night sleep.

Crying Babies, is it Colic or Acid Reflux?
Don’t worry, a crying baby doesn’t always mean colic, it could also be acid reflux. If you’re baby is having trouble sleeping or is in pain, please take them to the Doctor right away. These are only tips from experience to help you notice what might be wrong with your precious baby. Signs of acid reflux include: increased crying, not sleeping well, pain and spitting up often. Signs of colic include: predictable crying episodes (at the same time everyday), intense crying, crying for no obvious reason and posture changes (curled up legs, tight balled fists, tense abdominal muscles). Contact your Doctor for more advice regarding any symptoms of colic or acid reflux.

Watch Out For The Spray!
Yes, we are talking about when you go to change your baby’s diaper and you occasionally get sprayed when you’re not expecting it! The spray is due to the cool air that hits your baby when you go to change their diaper. Next time be prepared, open the diaper very slowly and block yourself with a washcloth to catch the spray and cause less of a mess for you and your baby.

Music Makes Everyone Happy
Music soothes the soul, even for you and your baby. Don’t forget how much music can help lift and lighten your day. Music can be very helpful for soothing and calming upset babies. Help you and your baby relax with music.

Double duty the protection for long-sleep leakage with the higher absorbent nighttime diapers that are now available in popular brands.

A great substitution for expensive baby wipes is a wash cloth and mild soap!

We hope that these Super Baby Care Tips from experienced mothers help you and your baby!

Continue to depend on Soft & Precious Baby Products for amazing baby tips and the best products!



Written by Alexandra Gamache


Fun Summer Activities For Your Baby!

Fun Summer Activities For Your Baby!

Are you looking for some extra fun summertime activities that you and your baby can enjoy?

Soft & Precious Baby Products provides fun and awesome baby blogs full of tips to improve your summer! Get ready to add these adventures onto your summer list of things to do with your baby!

Take a dip and cool off at your local pool or beach!
Take your baby for a fun trip to the pool! If you want to stay home and take a dip, kiddie pools are an option to make a fun pool in your back yard for your baby. The splashing games, water toys and cooling off will be an awesome pool time!

Plan a trip to your local Aquarium or Zoo depending on the weather!
You and you baby can enjoy exploring the wonder wildlife above water or below, whichever way you want to plan your summer adventure! Check your local coupons, deals and Groupons to see if they are any current specials going on for zoos and aquariums in your area to save some money. Be ready for an amazing day full of candid moment for you and your baby!

Go to pick your own local fruits!
Depending on what’s currently in season in your area or nearby, enjoy a journey full of picking fruits that you and your baby will enjoy! Local farmers and nurseries offer pick your own fruit stops for the public to enjoy. Get ready to pick berries, peaches, melons or whatever is locally available!

Visit your local Farmers Market!
Farmers Markets are a wonderful past time during the summer to keep you and your baby busy. Enjoy the adventure of finding farmers market treasures that you will both enjoy from fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and more. After your trip you can make a delicious summer feast!

Fun veggie fact for carrots!
Carrots are packed full of beta-carotene (in high demand during lactating), they are also a high source of carbohydrates and potassium!

More Fun Summer Activities:
• Enjoy the AC and story time at your favorite Library!
• Plan an exciting nature walk before 10AM or after 2PM (for the best and coolest temperatures for you and your baby)
• Stop to smell the flowers (as long as they aren’t poisonous lol) and really enjoy exploring nature with your baby!
• Identify sights, sounds, smells and more for your baby while on your summer adventures!
• Summer picnics are a must!
• Check out local conventions, fairs, museums, events and more that interest you and your baby!

We hope that you now have a couple new options to add into your summer mix. Enjoy the wonderful adventures ahead!

You can always rely on Soft & Precious Baby Products for the best baby skin and hair care products – all year long!



Written by Alexandra Gamache


Summer Tips For Keeping Your Baby Comfy In The Heat!

Summer Tips For Keeping Your Baby Comfy In The Heat!

Soft & Precious Baby Products has some awesome tips for keeping your baby cool and comfy during the summer heat!

Yay for the summertime months of traveling, enjoying the summer adventures of beach days and not having to deal with school traffic!

Summer Tips For Keeping Your Baby Comfy In The Heat:

Avoid overdressing your baby!
Overdressing your baby can make him or her overheat and experience: heat rashes, heat stroke, fevers, overheating (which is also linked to sudden infant death syndrome – SIDS), and other medical conditions to develop.

Choose your baby’s outfit carefully, your decisions will continue to effect them positively or negatively while combating the summer heat!

Are you going to be spending most of the day indoors?
If so, select loose and lightweight clothing preferably from a natural fiber material like cotton (because it absorbs sweat better than synthetic fabrics). A good motto is to, “dress your baby similar to what you’re wearing.” If you’re wearing a short sleeve shirt and shorts – then dress your baby in similar options.

Plan on enjoying the outdoors with your baby?
In this case, keep your baby cool and protected from sunburns by dressing him or her in lightweight and light colored long sleeve shirt and pants for extra skin protection. Don’t forget to pick out a fun hat for your baby to wear! Preferably, a hat that has a very wide brim and will shield the face from the sun rays.

Don’t let the clouds and cloudy days fool you!
The UV Rays can be just as harmful and dangerous to you and your baby’s skin on cloudy days! Treat them the same as any sunny day.

Hydration & Sunscreen Tips:

• Always remember to keep your baby properly hydrated!
• Infants under 6 months: should not drink water – so just replace water with extra formula or nursing more often. Due to your baby’s extra delicate skin, try your best to keep him or her out of direct sunlight. Apply minimal amounts of sunscreen to your baby’s exposed skin due to the sensitivity and wash it off after use.
• If your baby is older than 6 months: they can enjoy moderations of H2O. Use sunscreen regularly for babies who are 6 months and older! Depending on the activity reapply every two hours or when he or she gets sweaty.
• Waterproof sunscreens for kids are the best! Even apply sunscreen underclothes for older babies and kids!
• During the summertime and hotter months, babies should drink 50% or more of their normal fluid intake (the normal fluid intake for a baby is around two ounces per pound daily).
• If your baby weighs 10 pounds, the normal fluid intake is 20 ounces and the summer intake is a minimal 30 ounces (for keeping your baby correctly hydrated)!

More Summer Tips To Prevent Overheating:

• Good ventilation is very important for your baby!
• Babies become overheated easier and quicker than adults.
• Never leave your baby or infant alone in a hot environment (hot rooms and parked cars can cause a baby’s temperature to spike and develop into dangerous medical conditions).
• Enjoy using a summer friendly baby stroller or carrier, which are usually made from more lightweight materials for easier lifting and staying cool.
• Even if it doesn’t look like your baby is hot or sweating they can still be perspiring in places you can’t see!
• Try to enjoy the summer outdoor activities before 10AM and after 2PM!
• If possible, try to avoid direct sunlight and hot activities during the hottest time periods of the day from 10AM – 2PM (when the sun peaks and does the most skin damage)
• Always stay cooler in the shade! • If you can’t find shade, then make it with an umbrella or canopy!
• Make sure you and your baby are wearing sunglasses for protection from ultraviolet UVA and UVB radiation.

We are always happy to provide the best Baby Tips for you and your baby during the summertime and all year long!

We hope you’re having an amazing summer with friends and family! Thank you for choosing Soft & Precious Baby Products for the best hair and skin care products for your baby.


Written by Alexandra Gamache


Guide To Her First Mother’s Day!

African American mother admiring her newborn child

Guide To Her First Mother’s Day!

Is her first Mother’s Day quickly approaching?

Here are some great ideas on how to make her first Mother’s Day extra special! Tips for anyone who is ready to use them and get creative!

Classic, breakfast in bed!

What better way to start Mother’s Day than to spoil her with breakfast in bed! Plus, you can encourage her to sleep-in and awaken to the delicious aroma of homemade breakfast. You can also use a similar idea and order dinner from her favorite restaurant ahead of time and have it ready for an extra special surprise at home!

Personal spa day!

Treat her to a personal spa day at home or at her favorite spa. A combination of massage with essential oils can rejuvenate the body and mind. Download a free Zen music app or sleep noise app to go along with the massage and help her truly de-stress and unwind on her first Mother’s Day.

Homemade cards are the best!

Make a Mother’s Day card from scratch or buy one from the store with plenty of room to add an extra special message. A fun idea is to write a message to mom from your baby’s perspective. You’d be surprised how much you can make her laugh and smile with a message that’s coming from your baby!

The more crafty and creative, the better!

Let your inner creativity soar this Mother’s Day and surprise her with an extra special photo album! They’re even easier to make than ever before with the newer photo book digital options online and locally. It’s one of the best way to make her smile and fill it full of fun family memories!

Other ideas to expand on and morph into your own:

  • Treat her to a gift that she couldn’t do while she was pregnant, maybe she’s been dying to go dancing?
  • Create a custom Mother’s Day Playlist full of her favorite songs to show her how much you really care!
  • If she loves jewelry, then surprise her with a Mother’s Day designed jewelry or pair of diamond earrings to make a lasting impression on her first Mother’s Day.
  • Family photo shoots! Gather the family and treat her to an extra special Mother’s Day that is ready for the family photo album!
  • Promise a day of personal pampering and or buy her a gift certificate or gift card that she wouldn’t buy herself, but really wants!!
  • Surprise her by cleaning the house, prepare her favorite meals and take her car to get detailed!
  • Family picnic or adventure!

We hope that these fun ideas help you celebrate and make your first Mother’s Day extra special!

You can always rely on Soft & Precious Baby Product for the best baby tips and baby products for bi-racial and African American babies.



Written by Alexandra Gamache


Top Choking Hazards For Babies


Top Choking Hazards For Babies

Soft & Precious Baby Products continues to provide the best baby blogs and tips for you and your baby!

We want to update you on some of the “Top Choking Hazards for Babies.” It’s always better to be prepared! Knowing what the top choking hazards are, allows you to proactively avoid these hazards and look out for future dangers.

Always keep this in mind, a baby’s windpipe (trachea) is close to the width of a drinking straw, so be extra careful that it doesn’t get clogged by unwelcome hazards.

Why do babies get so “mouthy?”

Child development experts refer to, “mouthing” as one of the main ways that babies learn about new objects. As your baby continues to learn by touch and taste, be extra careful that your baby does not consume what they are “mouthing” on. It’s your job as Mom and Dad, to step up to the safety plate for your baby and protect them from numerous choking hazards.

Top Choking Hazards To Watch Out For:


Easy to find, small and shiny, it’s easy to see how coins can attract your baby! Beware of coins! They are just big enough to block your baby’s airway and fall out of pockets more than we realize!

Water bottle/drink Caps

Drinking and water bottle caps that do not make the trash can become lodged in your baby’s throat if left unattended. Recycle and reuse, but keep it away from your baby!

Hot Dogs, Grapes, Nuts, Seeds, Carrots, Apples

Always cut your hot dogs, grapes and similar foods, in half length-wise and quarter cut them into smaller pieces after. The tougher the food the harder it is for your baby to chew it. Make sure to watch out for these harder foods and finely chop or even ground them up into a mushy substance.

Pet Food

These kibbles also attract your baby’s attention. Keep pet food away from your baby’s windpipe!

Laundry or Dishwasher Pods

The fun and colorful pods that wash your laundry or dishes are extremely toxic and can cause chemical burns to your baby. Keep these far out of reach and locked away!


Refrigerator and toy magnets are an extremely dangerous choking hazard, especially if two magnets are swallowed and find each other in a digestive track. This is one of the worst case scenarios, so avoid magnets and your baby!


Batteries come in all shapes and sizes and can look like candy to a baby. Another choking hazard to avoid at all costs because it can get caught in body tissue and cause chemical burns.


Celebratory balloons are always pretty for special occasions but be extra aware of balloon pieces when they burst, if inhaled latex can perfectly conform to a trachea opening.


Marshmallows are so sticky they can easily get stuck together and plug up an airway.

We hope that these “Top Choking Hazards For Babies” helps you keep your baby safe! Always remember to keep your baby happy and healthy with Soft and Precious Baby Products!



Written by Alexandra Gamache



How to Design a Baby Nursery!

Soft and Precious_Nursery room with yellow and blue walls and two cribs. © Iriana Shiyan

How to Design a Baby Nursery!

Soft & Precious Baby Products is excited to share our simple, “How to Design a Baby Nursery!”

Have fun while you’re designing and preparing your nursery for your new baby girl or boy on the way!

Create a “happy place” for your baby to live and grow, a room full of love, peace and comfort. Remember, you will be spending EXTRA time in the nursery, so make it fun and positive for both of you.


Choose wisely when selecting your crib and think of it as an investment for your baby, he or she could be using it for the next three or more years.

Always make sure your crib meets all of the US safety standards. Contemplate whether or not you need a toddler rail down the road, it might be more helpful to start off with one. Certain cribs can even transform into toddler beds and or full size beds. Consider a neutral looking crib design especially if you plan on having more kids.

Baby Bedding

Have fun when selecting your baby’s bedding!

Choose a color theme or palette to work with for your nursery and let the bedding shopping begin! You will definitely need at least five to six (or more if possible) crib fitted sheets, unless you want to constantly be washing them. It will be surprising how quickly you go through them, but more is merrier to save you time in the laundry room. Always have a couple of spare sheets on hand, ready for when you need them! Select baby bedding that is 100% cotton to keep your baby’s sensitive skin happy and healthy.

Changing Table

There’s no way to avoid the adorable baby and dirty diaper connection.

The best way to make the dirty diaper experience as pleasant as possible is to have a fully prepared and stocked changing table. The most popular option is a freestanding changing table. A secondary option is a changing top that can fit on top of a dresser. Keep in mind, your free standing changing table has the opportunity to transform into another piece of furniture when you don’t need it anymore. For example, moms have transformed old changing tables into storage, bookcases and bar carts! If space is limited, then a changing top might be a better suited option for you. Just make sure your changing top is at a comfortable height.

Nursery Chair

Where are you going to spend most of your time breastfeeding, reading and or snuggling with your baby?

It’s most likely going to be spent in your nursery chair! It’s crucial to choose an incredibly comfortable and supportive nursery chair for you and your baby. Babies tend to favor the rocking and gliding motions, so rocking chairs or gliders are always popular choices. Choose a nursery chair with fabric that is easy to clean. Make sure there is plenty of room, back support and space for pillows and throws. High-quality rocking chairs are also great heirlooms to leave your grandkids down the road!

Don’t Forget To Have Fun With Little Extras!

Storage, Décor, Curtains, Bookcases, Shelving, Lighting (not super bright – soft lighting is better for you and your baby), Toys, Bedding, Clothing, and More!

Remember, your nursery is going to be your new baby’s precious home! Make your nursery as special as possible for the amazing memories to come.

Shop for Soft & Precious Baby Products online!



Written by Alexandra Gamache.


Before You Go Into Labor Tips!


Before You Go Into Labor Tips!

Soft & Precious Baby Products is proud to announce our new baby blog, “Before You Go Into Labor Tips!”

The big day is approaching and its time to get ready for delivery!

Have you signed up for a childbirth class?

If you haven’t already, hurry before your time runs out! Make sure you’re totally comfortable with the labor basics and use these helpful tips. After you have attended your childbirth classes, it’s time to practice and grow comfortable with your breathing and relaxation techniques. Make sure that you understand the process of breastfeeding and learn the simple steps before your baby is born.

As your due date approaches, continue to prepare and stock your nursery for your baby’s arrival.

Set up your crib or bassinet and double check that your nursery is extra baby proof and safe! Have you created a list for your due day? It’s essential to think of everything you will need ahead of time and make a “hospital checklist” to save you on your big day. Make a couple copies of your hospital checklist and ensure that they are easy to find! If you’re way ahead of the ball, then you can even start to select birth announcements and design them in advance.

Don’t forget to stock your fridge and pantry with all of the nutritious essentials for you and your baby!

If you’re the main meal provider, you can always freeze meals to have ready to warm up for after delivery. To-go menus will also become your close friend! Install your car seat correctly, ahead of time, so it’s ready to go when you are!

Have you washed your baby’s sheets and blankets?

Wash everything that’s “washable” and anything that will come in contact with your baby, to make sure your bringing him or her into the safest environment possible. Eliminate your laundry worries, and have at least a week’s worth of laundry cleaned and put away for when you return home with your baby. Remember, use baby-friendly detergent that’s dye-free and perfume-free.

It’s very important to take time and create your Mommy’s playlist!

Get ready to focus on you and decide what music will help your delivery day. Create a special playlist that includes calming and sentimental music to support you on your due day. If possible, pack portable speakers and headphones to have more comfortable listening options.

Lastly, it’s time to choose a Pediatrician.

Choose one that has been recommended by friends, family and has an excellent reputation online. Double check that they are members of the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) and prepare your lists of pediatric questions to ask your new doctor. There are many pediatricians to choose from, so don’t feel you’re ever stuck, and choose the best one for you and your baby.

Enjoy our S&P Baby Blog, “Before You Go Into Labor Tips” and good luck preparing for your delivery day!!

Welcome to motherhood! Shop Soft & Precious Baby Products for your baby!



Written by Alexandra Gamache.


Tips to Help Your Baby or Toddler Sleep Better for the New Year!

 Soft and Precious © WavebreakmediaMicro

Tips to Help Your Baby or Toddler Sleep Better for the New Year!

What better way to bring in the New Year for your baby than with some sounder and healthier sleep?

Have you noticed your sweet and adorable baby or toddler having trouble falling asleep or struggling to enjoy their naps?

Or is your cute baby having trouble staying asleep throughout the entire night?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above it’s time to take action for your baby’s restless nights. Learn how to help your baby catch some “Zzzzzzzs.” Sounder sleep will help your baby or toddler truly enjoy the rest of 2015 and 2016 coming up!

How-to-improve your baby or toddler’s existing sleeping habits:

• Monitor their sleeping habits to learn what might be the issues
• Keep an eye out for over tiredness
• Eliminate unhealthy sleeping habits by putting your baby to sleep in a quiet, safe and peaceful area for nap and bedtime
• Try to improve their nap and bedtime schedule
• Create a daily routine with time planned out ahead for them to have peaceful rest
• If your baby is upset, make sure the situation is totally calmed and settled before they can really enjoy sleeping
• Make sure your baby or toddler doesn’t think it’s snack time! ;-)
• Lots of potty breaks
• If your baby looks restless or unhappy during nap time it might be potty time
• Make sure your baby isn’t too warm or too cool
• Keep excessive blankets, toys and pillows away from your baby during sleeping time for safety reasons
• Always monitor your baby with a baby monitor of some kind
• There are many options for baby monitors and cameras, you can even access some through your iPhone or Android
• Keep your baby or toddler on a healthy routine schedule for sleeping in a tranquil environment
• Don’t promote your baby or toddler sleeping in front of the TV, that’s for us to enjoy!
• If you’re baby is having very irregular sleeping habits and can’t sleep, please seek medical help and guidance

We hope these tips help your precious baby girl or boy enjoy some more solid sleep!

Remember, your baby or toddler isn’t the only one who needs their rest to stay healthy. Take care of yourself and make sure the entire family is getting the sleep they need. Identify any current sleeping problems you might also have. Enjoy better sleep and a bright and healthy year ahead with Soft & Precious Baby Products!


Written by Alexandra Gamache


How To Travel Smart With Your Baby!

 Soft and Precious Baby Products © michaeljung

How To Travel Smart With Your Baby!

Are you and your family doing some traveling for the Holidays?

It’s time to master the art of traveling with your baby or toddler and enjoy every moment! We love our family trips and want to share different traveling tips that work for us and other families.

Is your baby one to six months old?

Stock up on diapers or “onesies” and always make sure to change them as frequently as needed during your trips.

Is your baby five months or older?

Don’t forget to bring bumpers if you’re traveling because the majority of hotels don’t supply them! Always bring your own sheets for your baby and you if you prefer. My sweet baby prefers these hypoallergenic super soft baby sheets, which I have multiple pairs of for home and traveling.

Are you and your baby flying?

Always bring a carry-on for you and your baby! Come as prepared as the airport allows you to be. What you can’t take through security, make sure to stock up on the moment you get to the other side.

What’s in our usual travel bag?

Our usual travel bag is full of travel size portioned Soft & Precious Baby Products if we’re at the airport or regular sized if we are on the road! We don’t forget to bring: extra sweater, small blanket or ask for one a plane, big blanket and pillows if your in the car, socks, diapers, onesies, binkies, pacifiers, bottles, toys, books etc. The smaller and lighter the items the better! If you’re on the road you can bring or buy anything you need on the way.

Are you on the road?

Make sure to make pit stops! Enjoy the road traveling and if your baby doesn’t have any carsickness trouble then the longer duration trips will be easier for you than others. Road trips are easier but make sure to take rests and breaks for you too. Maintain healthy eating and sleeping schedules for the entire family during your road trips!

Other quick travel tips for you and your baby to enjoy:

• Create a pre-travel check list to get rid of any extra worries or complications

• Make “it feel like home” for your baby

• When you arrive to your destination or are traveling in between remember it’s the little touches that make your baby feel extra safe and comfortable

• Make sure to travel with hand sanitizer or if you prefer make sure to wash you and your baby’s hands as often as possible

• Stop your baby from touching dirty airport surfaces, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it lol

• Make your own baby changing station whenever you set up for where your staying during your trip

• Create a travel routine for your baby to maintain a healthy and peaceful napping and sleeping schedule

• Maintain a healthy eating schedule for your baby and pack extra snacks and drinks when possible or buy when you can ☺

We hope these travel tips help you throughout the Holidays and the New Year! Thank you for choosing Soft & Precious Baby Products! Order online or find our products in a store near you today!

Written by Alexandra Gamache