Baby Talking Tips! Teach your baby how to talk!

Baby Talking Tips! Teach your baby how to talk!

Baby Talking Tips! Teach your baby how to talk!

From the moment your baby is in your belly, he or she hears the sounds and voices nearby.

This S&P baby blog gives excellent tips for teaching your baby how to talk up to fifteen months! The next S&P baby blog will continue with more Baby Talking Tips in November. The second blog will cover baby-talking tips from eighteen months to three years old.

By the time your child is two years old, the majority of babies are capable of speaking a regular vocabulary. They will begin to express their ideas more often and increase the variety of ways they ask for what they need. These tips will improve your child’s ability to communicate and increase their ability to speak.

The first three months of your baby’s little precious life, he or she is constantly listening to your voice.

The adorable cooing and gurgling your baby makes, is their unique way of talking to you. Babies especially enjoy hearing you sing, even before they are born! Always talk to your baby, and bring him or her around others you talk to.

Babies are full of curiosity and enjoy listening to different voices and music. However, too much noise is not healthy either. Make sure your baby gets some quality quiet time to play and sleep.

From six to nine months you’ll start to hear your baby make new sounds.

They may even sound like words “mama” or “dada” may be heard around this time! Your baby will become much more sensitive to the tone of your voice. If you sound happy your baby will smile! However, if you sound angry you may make them cry or unhappy. Try to make your baby as happy as possible! Remember that singing is always a wonderful way to cheer up your baby!

Encourage your baby to begin and understand words by playing games that break down words like: “Pat-a-Cake,” “Peek-a-Boo,” and “Eye-spy.” Take your baby’s hands and create a rhythm to the words your teaching them.

Give your baby the opportunity to see him or her in a mirror. Teach them their name by asking, “who is that?” answer with their name. This is a visual process that can improve your baby’s ability to understand their name and appearance. Begin to point to things and talk about the objects that you interact with your baby.

The next twelve to fifteen months of your baby’s life are very exciting!

This is when the majority of babies begin to use words! They will start to ask for things with words that resemble their food, drinks, toys and most importantly you. Even though you may only hear your baby speak a few words. Your baby now has the ability to understand around 25 words or more.

Your baby will begin to be more direct about what he or she wants. You may see him or her pointing and directing your attentions towards what they need more often. Interact with your baby, and build and familiar routine where you teach them words daily.

Talk to your baby, and encourage them to name items and talk back to you. Ask your baby questions! Begin to create the foundation for conversation and improve your baby’s social skills!


Written by Alexandra Gamache


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