Before You Go Into Labor Tips!


Before You Go Into Labor Tips!

Soft & Precious Baby Products is proud to announce our new baby blog, “Before You Go Into Labor Tips!”

The big day is approaching and its time to get ready for delivery!

Have you signed up for a childbirth class?

If you haven’t already, hurry before your time runs out! Make sure you’re totally comfortable with the labor basics and use these helpful tips. After you have attended your childbirth classes, it’s time to practice and grow comfortable with your breathing and relaxation techniques. Make sure that you understand the process of breastfeeding and learn the simple steps before your baby is born.

As your due date approaches, continue to prepare and stock your nursery for your baby’s arrival.

Set up your crib or bassinet and double check that your nursery is extra baby proof and safe! Have you created a list for your due day? It’s essential to think of everything you will need ahead of time and make a “hospital checklist” to save you on your big day. Make a couple copies of your hospital checklist and ensure that they are easy to find! If you’re way ahead of the ball, then you can even start to select birth announcements and design them in advance.

Don’t forget to stock your fridge and pantry with all of the nutritious essentials for you and your baby!

If you’re the main meal provider, you can always freeze meals to have ready to warm up for after delivery. To-go menus will also become your close friend! Install your car seat correctly, ahead of time, so it’s ready to go when you are!

Have you washed your baby’s sheets and blankets?

Wash everything that’s “washable” and anything that will come in contact with your baby, to make sure your bringing him or her into the safest environment possible. Eliminate your laundry worries, and have at least a week’s worth of laundry cleaned and put away for when you return home with your baby. Remember, use baby-friendly detergent that’s dye-free and perfume-free.

It’s very important to take time and create your Mommy’s playlist!

Get ready to focus on you and decide what music will help your delivery day. Create a special playlist that includes calming and sentimental music to support you on your due day. If possible, pack portable speakers and headphones to have more comfortable listening options.

Lastly, it’s time to choose a Pediatrician.

Choose one that has been recommended by friends, family and has an excellent reputation online. Double check that they are members of the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) and prepare your lists of pediatric questions to ask your new doctor. There are many pediatricians to choose from, so don’t feel you’re ever stuck, and choose the best one for you and your baby.

Enjoy our S&P Baby Blog, “Before You Go Into Labor Tips” and good luck preparing for your delivery day!!

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Written by Alexandra Gamache.


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