Best Ways to Read To Your Baby

Best Ways to Read to Your Baby

Best Ways to Read to Your Baby

When is the right time to start reading to your baby?

The minute your precious baby girl or boy is brought in to this beautiful world they start learning.

The more exposure your baby has to talking, the quicker they will develop their language skills. If you haven’t started reading to your child daily, start now. Sure they pick up your daily words, but it’s best to start a regular reading routine for you and your baby. You want your child to become a happy and confident reader over time.

Cuddle & Read Combo

Read aloud to your baby while cuddling with them. When you can, bring your baby’s attention to the page and look at it together. Your baby enjoys hearing your voice, being close to you, and seeing the book’s imagery. Making your baby feel safe while reading to them will build your baby’s comfort and confidence with reading.

Eye-catching Baby Books

When choosing a book for your baby make sure it’s colorful, bold, and easy-to-see illustrations. You want to grab and keep your baby’s attention while reading to them. Try to pick books made of a soft fabric or plastic for comfort and safety. Your baby enjoys bright and attention-grabbing visuals so be ready when they grab for the book!

Always Talk to Your Baby

Babies are the best listeners, except when they are hungry or tired! Continue to converse with your baby all day everyday. Your baby learns how language works just from listening to you speak.

Encourage Baby Speak!

When your baby starts to coo, growl or gurgle don’t be alarmed, these are your baby’s best ways of communicating with you. Mimic these sounds and encourage their first attempts towards speech. You’ll notice your baby will make clearer noises as time passes, perfecting their gurgles with practice!

Mix up Reading by Singing!

When your baby is bored of you reading, try to sing instead. Sing your baby’s favorite songs time and time again. Repeating fun songs and books strengthens language development and connects positive feelings to reading.

Keep Baby Safe Books in Reach

Put books that our safe for your baby to play with as a toy within reach. A baby learns by touching and will enjoy playing with their books. In case your baby puts some toys in their mouth, only chewable books are in reach!

Baby Hands!

Encourage your baby to pick up, touch, grab and point to as many things as possible. Those little hand muscles will develop and become strong enough to turn pages!


Written by Alexandra Gamache


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