How to Design a Baby Nursery!

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How to Design a Baby Nursery!

Soft & Precious Baby Products is excited to share our simple, “How to Design a Baby Nursery!”

Have fun while you’re designing and preparing your nursery for your new baby girl or boy on the way!

Create a “happy place” for your baby to live and grow, a room full of love, peace and comfort. Remember, you will be spending EXTRA time in the nursery, so make it fun and positive for both of you.


Choose wisely when selecting your crib and think of it as an investment for your baby, he or she could be using it for the next three or more years.

Always make sure your crib meets all of the US safety standards. Contemplate whether or not you need a toddler rail down the road, it might be more helpful to start off with one. Certain cribs can even transform into toddler beds and or full size beds. Consider a neutral looking crib design especially if you plan on having more kids.

Baby Bedding

Have fun when selecting your baby’s bedding!

Choose a color theme or palette to work with for your nursery and let the bedding shopping begin! You will definitely need at least five to six (or more if possible) crib fitted sheets, unless you want to constantly be washing them. It will be surprising how quickly you go through them, but more is merrier to save you time in the laundry room. Always have a couple of spare sheets on hand, ready for when you need them! Select baby bedding that is 100% cotton to keep your baby’s sensitive skin happy and healthy.

Changing Table

There’s no way to avoid the adorable baby and dirty diaper connection.

The best way to make the dirty diaper experience as pleasant as possible is to have a fully prepared and stocked changing table. The most popular option is a freestanding changing table. A secondary option is a changing top that can fit on top of a dresser. Keep in mind, your free standing changing table has the opportunity to transform into another piece of furniture when you don’t need it anymore. For example, moms have transformed old changing tables into storage, bookcases and bar carts! If space is limited, then a changing top might be a better suited option for you. Just make sure your changing top is at a comfortable height.

Nursery Chair

Where are you going to spend most of your time breastfeeding, reading and or snuggling with your baby?

It’s most likely going to be spent in your nursery chair! It’s crucial to choose an incredibly comfortable and supportive nursery chair for you and your baby. Babies tend to favor the rocking and gliding motions, so rocking chairs or gliders are always popular choices. Choose a nursery chair with fabric that is easy to clean. Make sure there is plenty of room, back support and space for pillows and throws. High-quality rocking chairs are also great heirlooms to leave your grandkids down the road!

Don’t Forget To Have Fun With Little Extras!

Storage, Décor, Curtains, Bookcases, Shelving, Lighting (not super bright – soft lighting is better for you and your baby), Toys, Bedding, Clothing, and More!

Remember, your nursery is going to be your new baby’s precious home! Make your nursery as special as possible for the amazing memories to come.

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Written by Alexandra Gamache.


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