How To Soothe A Fussy Baby!

How To Soothe A Fussy Baby!

How To Soothe A Fussy Baby!

Soft & Precious Baby Products understands the intricacies of creating the best baby products. We enjoy being able to share the most helpful baby tips with you.

This time we are focusing on a tougher topic, “fussy babies.” A fussy baby can be one of the most challenging and tough obstacles.

We have four excellent steps to help you soothe your fussy baby, to make you both happy and to get the most of your beautiful day:

Step One: Compose Yourself & Relax
Your baby is already fussing, so you don’t want to shed any extra frustration on your baby. Take a deep breath and remember, your going to help your precious baby be happy and stop fussing. Make yourself a cup of tea or do whatever helps soothe and relax you.
If you still feel stressed, try to slow your breathing and speak in a light tone of voice that will calm both you and your baby. Once you’ve composed yourself, it’s time to de-fuss your precious baby.

Step Two: Try Swaddling Blankets
Have you noticed how popular swaddling blankets are in hospitals? If you haven’t, it’s because swaddling blankets imitate the warmth, closeness and security of a mother’s womb while preventing startle refluxes that wakes up babies.
Swaddling blankets are relatively inexpensive and they are a wide selection online. Make your baby feel extra happy and loved in a swaddling blanket and say bye-bye to the fuss!

Step Three: “Rockabye baby!”
Choose your favorite way of rocking or swaying your baby to calm their nerves and help them go to sleep. You can also walk around to stretch your legs with your baby nestled in your arms. These relaxing, rocking and swaying motions are comforting to your baby and remind them of being in your womb.
If these motions don’t help, try a bouncy walk that can put your baby in a melodic rhythm that will help them rest Gently and securely using exercise balls, are another great way to help you bounce your baby and relax your legs!

Step Four: Darken Your Baby’s Room
It’s a simple step that we don’t realize can make a significant difference. Darken your baby’s room to improve their sleep with blackout curtains. If your baby likes a little light, try using a dimming light to help them calmly fall to sleep.
Remember, bright rooms stimulate your baby’s senses and can be very distracting – resulting in a fussy baby!

Now that you’re ready to de-fuss your baby with four awesome steps, it’s time to enjoy our wide selection of phenomenal Soft & Precious Baby Products online.

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Written by Alexandra Gamache



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