How To Travel Smart With Your Baby!

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How To Travel Smart With Your Baby!

Are you and your family doing some traveling for the Holidays?

It’s time to master the art of traveling with your baby or toddler and enjoy every moment! We love our family trips and want to share different traveling tips that work for us and other families.

Is your baby one to six months old?

Stock up on diapers or “onesies” and always make sure to change them as frequently as needed during your trips.

Is your baby five months or older?

Don’t forget to bring bumpers if you’re traveling because the majority of hotels don’t supply them! Always bring your own sheets for your baby and you if you prefer. My sweet baby prefers these hypoallergenic super soft baby sheets, which I have multiple pairs of for home and traveling.

Are you and your baby flying?

Always bring a carry-on for you and your baby! Come as prepared as the airport allows you to be. What you can’t take through security, make sure to stock up on the moment you get to the other side.

What’s in our usual travel bag?

Our usual travel bag is full of travel size portioned Soft & Precious Baby Products if we’re at the airport or regular sized if we are on the road! We don’t forget to bring: extra sweater, small blanket or ask for one a plane, big blanket and pillows if your in the car, socks, diapers, onesies, binkies, pacifiers, bottles, toys, books etc. The smaller and lighter the items the better! If you’re on the road you can bring or buy anything you need on the way.

Are you on the road?

Make sure to make pit stops! Enjoy the road traveling and if your baby doesn’t have any carsickness trouble then the longer duration trips will be easier for you than others. Road trips are easier but make sure to take rests and breaks for you too. Maintain healthy eating and sleeping schedules for the entire family during your road trips!

Other quick travel tips for you and your baby to enjoy:

• Create a pre-travel check list to get rid of any extra worries or complications

• Make “it feel like home” for your baby

• When you arrive to your destination or are traveling in between remember it’s the little touches that make your baby feel extra safe and comfortable

• Make sure to travel with hand sanitizer or if you prefer make sure to wash you and your baby’s hands as often as possible

• Stop your baby from touching dirty airport surfaces, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it lol

• Make your own baby changing station whenever you set up for where your staying during your trip

• Create a travel routine for your baby to maintain a healthy and peaceful napping and sleeping schedule

• Maintain a healthy eating schedule for your baby and pack extra snacks and drinks when possible or buy when you can ☺

We hope these travel tips help you throughout the Holidays and the New Year! Thank you for choosing Soft & Precious Baby Products! Order online or find our products in a store near you today!

Written by Alexandra Gamache


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