Summer Tips For Keeping Your Baby Comfy In The Heat!

Summer Tips For Keeping Your Baby Comfy In The Heat!

Soft & Precious Baby Products has some awesome tips for keeping your baby cool and comfy during the summer heat!

Yay for the summertime months of traveling, enjoying the summer adventures of beach days and not having to deal with school traffic!

Summer Tips For Keeping Your Baby Comfy In The Heat:

Avoid overdressing your baby!
Overdressing your baby can make him or her overheat and experience: heat rashes, heat stroke, fevers, overheating (which is also linked to sudden infant death syndrome – SIDS), and other medical conditions to develop.

Choose your baby’s outfit carefully, your decisions will continue to effect them positively or negatively while combating the summer heat!

Are you going to be spending most of the day indoors?
If so, select loose and lightweight clothing preferably from a natural fiber material like cotton (because it absorbs sweat better than synthetic fabrics). A good motto is to, “dress your baby similar to what you’re wearing.” If you’re wearing a short sleeve shirt and shorts – then dress your baby in similar options.

Plan on enjoying the outdoors with your baby?
In this case, keep your baby cool and protected from sunburns by dressing him or her in lightweight and light colored long sleeve shirt and pants for extra skin protection. Don’t forget to pick out a fun hat for your baby to wear! Preferably, a hat that has a very wide brim and will shield the face from the sun rays.

Don’t let the clouds and cloudy days fool you!
The UV Rays can be just as harmful and dangerous to you and your baby’s skin on cloudy days! Treat them the same as any sunny day.

Hydration & Sunscreen Tips:

• Always remember to keep your baby properly hydrated!
• Infants under 6 months: should not drink water – so just replace water with extra formula or nursing more often. Due to your baby’s extra delicate skin, try your best to keep him or her out of direct sunlight. Apply minimal amounts of sunscreen to your baby’s exposed skin due to the sensitivity and wash it off after use.
• If your baby is older than 6 months: they can enjoy moderations of H2O. Use sunscreen regularly for babies who are 6 months and older! Depending on the activity reapply every two hours or when he or she gets sweaty.
• Waterproof sunscreens for kids are the best! Even apply sunscreen underclothes for older babies and kids!
• During the summertime and hotter months, babies should drink 50% or more of their normal fluid intake (the normal fluid intake for a baby is around two ounces per pound daily).
• If your baby weighs 10 pounds, the normal fluid intake is 20 ounces and the summer intake is a minimal 30 ounces (for keeping your baby correctly hydrated)!

More Summer Tips To Prevent Overheating:

• Good ventilation is very important for your baby!
• Babies become overheated easier and quicker than adults.
• Never leave your baby or infant alone in a hot environment (hot rooms and parked cars can cause a baby’s temperature to spike and develop into dangerous medical conditions).
• Enjoy using a summer friendly baby stroller or carrier, which are usually made from more lightweight materials for easier lifting and staying cool.
• Even if it doesn’t look like your baby is hot or sweating they can still be perspiring in places you can’t see!
• Try to enjoy the summer outdoor activities before 10AM and after 2PM!
• If possible, try to avoid direct sunlight and hot activities during the hottest time periods of the day from 10AM – 2PM (when the sun peaks and does the most skin damage)
• Always stay cooler in the shade! • If you can’t find shade, then make it with an umbrella or canopy!
• Make sure you and your baby are wearing sunglasses for protection from ultraviolet UVA and UVB radiation.

We are always happy to provide the best Baby Tips for you and your baby during the summertime and all year long!

We hope you’re having an amazing summer with friends and family! Thank you for choosing Soft & Precious Baby Products for the best hair and skin care products for your baby.


Written by Alexandra Gamache


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