Super Baby Care Tips!

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Super Baby Care Tips!

Soft & Precious Baby Products always provides the best baby tips to help you enjoy every precious moment with your baby.

We have some super baby care tips passed down from generations of amazing mothers and are excited to share them with you!

Sterilizing Quick Approach!
If you don’t have the extra time to sterilize your baby’s things (bottles, pacifiers, etc.) and your not ready to purchase a home sterilizer, consider this: empty out your dishwasher, make sure it’s clean and run it on a short and hot cycle without any soap. Tada! Your new best friend for sterilizing is your dishwasher!

Holding Your Baby Is Natural & Good
You cannot spoil your baby by holding her! Hold your baby as much as you’d like because it’s not going to spoil her or him and is one of their favorite bonding and comforting moments. It’s natural to hold your baby as often as either of you would like.

Is Your Baby An Early Riser?
Your baby might not yet understand the concept and benefits of sleeping-in and rise very early in the morning. If this is the case, try these techniques to see if it’s due to the lighting or environment: install blackout shades to improve sleep and don’t forget to close them at bedtime! Also make sure that your baby has a quiet, peaceful and safe environment. Put your baby to bed after using Soft and Precious Baby Products for the best night sleep.

Crying Babies, is it Colic or Acid Reflux?
Don’t worry, a crying baby doesn’t always mean colic, it could also be acid reflux. If you’re baby is having trouble sleeping or is in pain, please take them to the Doctor right away. These are only tips from experience to help you notice what might be wrong with your precious baby. Signs of acid reflux include: increased crying, not sleeping well, pain and spitting up often. Signs of colic include: predictable crying episodes (at the same time everyday), intense crying, crying for no obvious reason and posture changes (curled up legs, tight balled fists, tense abdominal muscles). Contact your Doctor for more advice regarding any symptoms of colic or acid reflux.

Watch Out For The Spray!
Yes, we are talking about when you go to change your baby’s diaper and you occasionally get sprayed when you’re not expecting it! The spray is due to the cool air that hits your baby when you go to change their diaper. Next time be prepared, open the diaper very slowly and block yourself with a washcloth to catch the spray and cause less of a mess for you and your baby.

Music Makes Everyone Happy
Music soothes the soul, even for you and your baby. Don’t forget how much music can help lift and lighten your day. Music can be very helpful for soothing and calming upset babies. Help you and your baby relax with music.

Double duty the protection for long-sleep leakage with the higher absorbent nighttime diapers that are now available in popular brands.

A great substitution for expensive baby wipes is a wash cloth and mild soap!

We hope that these Super Baby Care Tips from experienced mothers help you and your baby!

Continue to depend on Soft & Precious Baby Products for amazing baby tips and the best products!



Written by Alexandra Gamache


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