New Year’s Resolutions 2015: Mom & Baby!

New Year’s Resolutions 2015 Soft and Precious Baby Products

Happy New Year Everyone!!

The Holidays are perfect for spending extra time with your precious baby, family and loved ones. As the Christmas and Holiday excitement settles, we prepare for January and the New Year ahead.

Now is the best time to take a moment […]


The Magical Fan

I was watching my best friends baby the other day. My son is now 10, so it has been quite some time since I’ve entertained a little one that small. She was dropped off with all the latest have-to-have baby accessories; vibrating bounce chair, singing animals and toys galore. I thought to […]


Finding the Perfect Babysitter

Whether you have a newborn or a teenager, there will be a time that you need a babysitter. It is crucial that you find someone you trust to take care of your child. Some parents have the benefit of family members or neighbors with older children that you have built relationships with, but what do […]