Tips to Help Your Baby or Toddler Sleep Better for the New Year!

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Tips to Help Your Baby or Toddler Sleep Better for the New Year!

What better way to bring in the New Year for your baby than with some sounder and healthier sleep?

Have you noticed your sweet and adorable baby or toddler having trouble falling asleep or struggling to enjoy their naps?

Or is your cute baby having trouble staying asleep throughout the entire night?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above it’s time to take action for your baby’s restless nights. Learn how to help your baby catch some “Zzzzzzzs.” Sounder sleep will help your baby or toddler truly enjoy the rest of 2015 and 2016 coming up!

How-to-improve your baby or toddler’s existing sleeping habits:

• Monitor their sleeping habits to learn what might be the issues
• Keep an eye out for over tiredness
• Eliminate unhealthy sleeping habits by putting your baby to sleep in a quiet, safe and peaceful area for nap and bedtime
• Try to improve their nap and bedtime schedule
• Create a daily routine with time planned out ahead for them to have peaceful rest
• If your baby is upset, make sure the situation is totally calmed and settled before they can really enjoy sleeping
• Make sure your baby or toddler doesn’t think it’s snack time! ;-)
• Lots of potty breaks
• If your baby looks restless or unhappy during nap time it might be potty time
• Make sure your baby isn’t too warm or too cool
• Keep excessive blankets, toys and pillows away from your baby during sleeping time for safety reasons
• Always monitor your baby with a baby monitor of some kind
• There are many options for baby monitors and cameras, you can even access some through your iPhone or Android
• Keep your baby or toddler on a healthy routine schedule for sleeping in a tranquil environment
• Don’t promote your baby or toddler sleeping in front of the TV, that’s for us to enjoy!
• If you’re baby is having very irregular sleeping habits and can’t sleep, please seek medical help and guidance

We hope these tips help your precious baby girl or boy enjoy some more solid sleep!

Remember, your baby or toddler isn’t the only one who needs their rest to stay healthy. Take care of yourself and make sure the entire family is getting the sleep they need. Identify any current sleeping problems you might also have. Enjoy better sleep and a bright and healthy year ahead with Soft & Precious Baby Products!


Written by Alexandra Gamache


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