Top Choking Hazards For Babies


Top Choking Hazards For Babies

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We want to update you on some of the “Top Choking Hazards for Babies.” It’s always better to be prepared! Knowing what the top choking hazards are, allows you to proactively avoid these hazards and look out for future dangers.

Always keep this in mind, a baby’s windpipe (trachea) is close to the width of a drinking straw, so be extra careful that it doesn’t get clogged by unwelcome hazards.

Why do babies get so “mouthy?”

Child development experts refer to, “mouthing” as one of the main ways that babies learn about new objects. As your baby continues to learn by touch and taste, be extra careful that your baby does not consume what they are “mouthing” on. It’s your job as Mom and Dad, to step up to the safety plate for your baby and protect them from numerous choking hazards.

Top Choking Hazards To Watch Out For:


Easy to find, small and shiny, it’s easy to see how coins can attract your baby! Beware of coins! They are just big enough to block your baby’s airway and fall out of pockets more than we realize!

Water bottle/drink Caps

Drinking and water bottle caps that do not make the trash can become lodged in your baby’s throat if left unattended. Recycle and reuse, but keep it away from your baby!

Hot Dogs, Grapes, Nuts, Seeds, Carrots, Apples

Always cut your hot dogs, grapes and similar foods, in half length-wise and quarter cut them into smaller pieces after. The tougher the food the harder it is for your baby to chew it. Make sure to watch out for these harder foods and finely chop or even ground them up into a mushy substance.

Pet Food

These kibbles also attract your baby’s attention. Keep pet food away from your baby’s windpipe!

Laundry or Dishwasher Pods

The fun and colorful pods that wash your laundry or dishes are extremely toxic and can cause chemical burns to your baby. Keep these far out of reach and locked away!


Refrigerator and toy magnets are an extremely dangerous choking hazard, especially if two magnets are swallowed and find each other in a digestive track. This is one of the worst case scenarios, so avoid magnets and your baby!


Batteries come in all shapes and sizes and can look like candy to a baby. Another choking hazard to avoid at all costs because it can get caught in body tissue and cause chemical burns.


Celebratory balloons are always pretty for special occasions but be extra aware of balloon pieces when they burst, if inhaled latex can perfectly conform to a trachea opening.


Marshmallows are so sticky they can easily get stuck together and plug up an airway.

We hope that these “Top Choking Hazards For Babies” helps you keep your baby safe! Always remember to keep your baby happy and healthy with Soft and Precious Baby Products!



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