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Baby's Hair

Although some babies are born totally bald, most babies are born with a soft, downy head of hair. The down is very soft and sometimes fuzzy.   The newborn hair will usually only lasts for the first three or four months after birth.  The fuzzy newborn hair gradually falls out (for reasons that are generally unknown) and new hair grows in.  The new hair is generally much fuller than the newborn hair and tends to grow in a set pattern. 

Usually the hair that replaces the down is more along the lines of the texture and the eventual color that the baby - child will eventually have although not guaranteed.  This is important to note because many people/parents are alarmed at the downy and/or fuzzy appearance of the hair.  It does shed and it does change. 

Baby’s Hair Care Tips

The care of baby hair is relatively simple.  Depending on how much hair they have, babies may only require shampooing or an irregular basis.    Shampooing can be done on an "as needed basis" and does not have to be done every day.

The key thing to remember when caring for the hair of a newborn is to be very gentle.  Avoid putting pressure on the soft spot on the top of the baby's head.   Most babies and even some children up to the age of 4 or 5 is sensitive to any kind of pressure on their scalp.  When washing the hair and the scalp of a baby or young child, be sure to go very slow and easy.  Make sure that there are no tangles in the hair before washing it. 

 The main thing to remember when caring for the hair and scalp of a new baby is to be very gentle and go slow and easy.  Avoid any pressure to the scalp and make sure that whatever hair the baby does have remains tangle free.

Teaching a baby or young child that getting a shampoo is a special treat will help form positive hair care patterns that can last a lifetime.


            Baby with No Hair:

Care tip: If your baby has no hair  shampoo twice a week with NO Tears S&P Baby Shampoo to avoid cradle cap -- oily, flaky patches of skin on the scalp. S&P Shampoo can be used on babies that are one month old.

Styling tip: Hats are a must to protect baby's head from the sun -- and a bonnet or baseball cap can help strangers tell a girl from a boy.


Baby with Thin Wispy Hair:

Care tip: Comb gently and moisturize with S&P Moisturizing Cream to soften and add sheen. You should trim or move wisps that fall into baby's ears or eyes.

Styling tip: For boys, comb-overs or keep hair short instead. For girls, let it grow long and clip it into a cute plaits or ponytails.


            Baby with Thick Curly Hair:

Care tip: Comb gently and use S&P Detangling Moisturizer to condition add sheen and manageability after shampooing once a week with S&P No Tears Shampoo if hair is very dry. Comb hair gently from roots to scalp.



Styling tip: For boys, the shorter the hair, the more manageable. For girls, section long hair into plaits and ponytails to keep it from tangling.


            Baby with Thick & Straight Hair

Care tip: Comb gently and use S&P Moisturizing Cream Hairdress to condition

and add sheen.


Styling tip: A very soft brush will keep hair smooth and shiny, and bangs will keep you from having to fight to hold long hair back.

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