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Tips For Bathing Your Baby


Sponge Baths:

Mothers will want to stick to sponge baths until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off and the navel heals completely (as well as boy’s circumcision). You may feel a little anxious the first few times the new born is so small, but before you know it, you’ll be a pro. Washing your newborn is a great way for you to strengthen your bond with the baby. You’ll only need to bathe/sponge bath the baby two to three times per week.


Regular Baths:

Collect and keep every item you will require during the process of bathing within your reach, so that you do not want for items and leave the infant alone.

    • Sink or Bathing Tub:  Sink or a plastic baby bathing tub are suitable for infant bathing.
    • Water Temperature:  Infants have very sensitive skin, so utmost care should be given to water temperature. Don’t check the water temperature with your hand; check it with your elbow. (Adult hands being tougher are more tolerant to hot temperatures.)
    • Soft & Precious Baby Bath & Shampoo-Tear Free!:  Moisturize and condition your baby’s body and hair while adding the protection of no tears and no excessive drying of the skin and hair. 
    • Holding Baby:  Do remember to hold the baby firmly in the tub and do not fill the sink or tub more than one or two inch of water. Be very alert and careful while giving the child a bath, and do not pay attention to any other thing and never leave the infant alone in the water.
    • Baby Comb or Brush: Gently comb his hair after each bath. You may also want to brush it (especially if your baby has lots of hair!) when he wakes up in order to get out any knots formed while he was sleeping. You may also be able to use a comb to gently remove flakes of cradle cap
    • Soft & Precious Moisturizing Hair Dress:  To minimize hurting baby if hair is tangled, and to moisturize hair and scalp apply a nickel to quarter size amount of S&P Moisturizing Hair Dress in the palm of your hand and rub together; then massage through hair and brush or comb as usual.
    • Infant Gum Massager: It’s important to promote good oral health early—even before baby’s first tooth pokes through. Start by gently rubbing the rubber tip of the infant gum massager in circles over his gums to clean them and keep them healthy. 
    • Soft & Precious Baby Lotion and/or Baby Oil: It’s important to keep delicate baby skin moisturized, especially in the winter. Apply Soft & Precious Baby Lotion after each bath to lock in moisture. If his skin still seems dry, use with S&P new and improved fast absorbing Baby Oil. 
    • Nasal Aspirator: Since he’s too small to use a tissue or learn how to blow his own nose, you have to clear the mucus with a nasal aspirator. Put a drop of saline in each nostril, then squeeze the bulb of the aspirator to create a vacuum. Place it in his nose and release to collect the mucus.
    • Nail Clippers: Your baby’s nails grow fast, and they will probably constantly be scratching themselves with them. So try to trim them a few times a week. Small, baby-size clippers work well. Simply pull back the nail bed with your finger and clip baby’s fingernail, being careful not to cut too short.





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