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Name:  Pamela L                                        Chicago, IL                          

Thank you Soft & Precious for your moisturizing cream hair dress. Nothing I used seemed to work for keeping my baby girls hair manageable. At 4 months old, her hair has become a real challenge... that was until I found your product at Jewel-Osco (Albertson's) yesterday. With just one application her hair is now softer and a lot easier comb. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!                          


Name:  Sabrina Whitehead                                                                  

Hello my name is Sabrina. I have two girls. I have a three year old and a 4 month old. When my oldest daughter was 6 months, I discovered your products from my sister. (She used them on her two boys) Before using the product I was using the Johnson & Johnson line. My girls are biracial, so they have really fine, curly hair, but the line I was using caused my oldest to get really dry scalp and by the end of the day, her hair would be everywhere. I was so happy when I used your line. I instantly saw the difference. The shampoo didn't dry out her scalp, the hairdress was very moisturizing without being too greasy, and everything smelled great!!! I am sorry to say for awhile, I wouldn't tell anyone what I was using!!lol I wanted to keep it to myself, but then I saw women having the same problems as I had and I decided to let my secret out! I have recommended your line to 11 people and they all love it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 


Name:  Mary Unrue                     Brownsville, PA                            

I’m so glad I found the complete line of products!






Name:  Natasha Duncan             Wadesboro, NC                

Your products work well on my daughter’s hair, I like them a lot ….  a lot!!







Name:  Ms Williams                                 Staten Island, NY

I just happened to be at my cousin’s house in Florida when I saw your detangler and moisturizer on her table and figured what the heck and tried it on my son. My son’s hair for some reason dries out while we are in Florida but after using your product his hair stayed moist and very soft. I love this stuff and stocked up before I left Bradenton Florida. Now that I am back in New York, I am trying to find the detangler and I cannot find it anywhere. I just saw on your website that Pathmark sells it so I am going to try there. Thanks again for making such a wonderful product.



Name:    T. Durham                                               Columbus, OH

I was going to give your comment number a call and express my satisfaction with your product however I left the number at home. I have very very thick crinkly and curly hair. I go from detangler to detangler because it seems that whenever I find a detangler that works well I go back to buy it and the store is out of it so that is how I came to your product. I am not sure what the difference is in your detangler from other detanglers but if more African Americans used this product I truly believe they would not feel the need to get relaxers so quickly. Your detangler relaxes my hair's texture and with a little bit of brushing it is smooth, soft and shiny and wavy. The other detanglers are very wet but yours has some secret ingredient in it that doesn't make my hair really wet but instead just manageable.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. I ran out of your product and went to the store and they were out of it!!! I tried "Just For Me" detangler instead. No comparison


Name:  Betty

Thanks for a wonderful product!
My baby was around 7 months old when I finally found your product at Wal-Mart. Prior to that, I had been using the usual line of baby care products on my daughter’s hair and nothing was working. She has soft, curly, thick hair. All of the other products that I tried left her hair initially too greasy and then dry and frizzy by the end of the day. I noticed the difference right away when I started using your shampoo, detangler and hair dress. I’ve even recommended it to my friends. I’m also relieved now that I’ve found the website so that I have access to the product online instead of hoping that the local stores are not out of it (which happens with something good)


Name:  Tammy M       “A Truly Appreciative Mother”

I was shopping at a Wal-Mart in Cincinnati, Ohio and they carried your detangling moisturizer. I purchased it mostly because of the cute baby on the label. After, getting the product home and using it on my youngest daughter, I have never wanted to use anything else. I immediately told my niece so that she could use it on her daughter's hair. She, too, fell in love with your product. I now use it on all 3 of my children.
Thanks so much for a great product.




Name:  Kalista Lee

Thank you for making sure I received your Soft & Precious products, I really appreciate it. And now I can see that you have a very good reason to have confidence in your products. I LOVED the haircare products! Besides my normal 8-5 job, I braid hair for both children and adults. Until now I have not found a product that will soften our type of hair. Soft & Precious detangler creme worked wonders.

I've used your product on a little girl's hair who has a relaxer, and you know how relaxers can make the hair feel coarse and dried out, well your creme restored her natural moisture. I also used it on my baby son who has natural curls in his hair but he usually cries when I comb it, but your product softened his hair so much that he didn't even shed one tear.

I also used it on my brother's hair. He has an afro but has trouble keeping it fluffed out, so I tried some of your detangler on his hair and picked it out. It was soft and fluffy.

I could go on and on, but I think I'll just keep ordering your product and passing the word. Thank you so much.

To all my friends this is true see:


Name:  T. Harris                 Long Beach, CA

I encountered your product at the Black Expo in Long Beach, CA.
The Soft & Precious Nursery Jelly was a big hit with my entire family. I also purchased the Baby Shampoo and this is the best shampoo made for our babies. It doesn't strip the hair... it doesn't allow the scalp to dry out. It works thoroughly on cradle cap. I am ultimately pleased.




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